I generally don’t talk about my writing here even though it’s a writing blog.   I don’t really feel qualified to discuss writing!  But I am learning how to write, so I do feel qualified to discuss that.

I joined a writing workshop and it has definitely been good for me! I cannot speak for everyone else, but I genuinely enjoy getting honest feedback from strangers who aren’t afraid to metaphorically slap me on the mouth.  Nobody is perfect, certainly not myself, but I like to think that I have been in the game long enough to roll my eyes at legitimately bad feedback and let it roll off my back.  Besides, I am not perfect myself, and I hope I have not given cause for too many eye-rolls myself.

In any case, my writing has so far to go, but at least I am getting a clearer view of the road ahead - which, of course, it should not be confused with the road being short or easy.

The last three things I have worked on are (a) 300 word SFF satire/comedy, (b) 6000+ (needs to become 8000 probably gulp) word of what I should like to call “srs bzns space opera”, and (c) urban fantasy comedy, which is also approaching the novella length, alas.  If you had told me even a year ago that I would write these pieces, I would laughed in your face.  Just goes to show how poorly I know myself, but I am very happy to have found things I care about enough to want to write whole reams of books about.