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Tuesday, April 19, 2011 § 1

Watched Source Code - the title actually doesn't make any sense, fyi, even though the phrase gets said a lot - and so long as I pretend the very end didn't happen, it was beautiful and bittersweet and I wish I'd written it. I highly recommend watching it. I feel the end ... would have been good if they worked that into the rest of the movie a bit more smoothly, but it felt like cheesy executive meddling, so I choose to forgive it.

P.S. I went in thinking it was basically a scifi-movie version of the DS game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (a dead person jumping through multiple other dead people's last 8 minutes in order to reconstruct a mysterious series of events), but it was actually more like just ONE minigame. Which is just as well, considering that I couldn't beat one of the minigames and so I ragequit >_>;

... So I guess there's still room for someone to write the movie I thought it was going to be XD

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